Membrane switch applications

Membrane switches find a versatile use first of all because they are a cheap and quality electromechanical switching component, which can be adjusted to the customer's needs.

The field of their applications ranges from industrial machines, through automation, robotics and measuring devices, to the outfit of medical and fitness facilities, small household appliances and consumer electronics; but also security systems and the military industry.

Advantages of membrane switches:

  • Easy mounting (a sticker-principle)
  • Short lead time (3 to 8 weeks after P/O is accepted; it depends on the complexity of the membrane switch)
  • Chemical resistance allows their use in environments where it is not possible to use conventional keyboards (high humidity, splashing water, depurators)

The high number of design versions of membrane switches is constantly growing according to our customers' wishes.

You can primarily choose from the following parameters:

  • Size and shape of the membrane switch (a square, rectangle, circle etc.)
  • Graphics (legends, marks, symbols, company logos)
  • Style of keys (flat, embossed, with embedded metal domes)
  • Size and shape of keys (circlets, squares, bubbles, arrows and other symbols - e.g. Braille)
  • Pinout (an X-Y matrix, common bus, combination)
  • Choice of embedding SMD components (LEDs, resistors, etc.) to the membrane switch
  • Flex-tail termination (sockets, pins, ZIF connector) and length
  • Connector centreline (2.54 mm, 1.27 mm or 1.00 mm)
  • Choice of inserting changeable legend cards over keys or away from the keys

Nameplates (Graphic overlays)

Nameplates stick in a similar way to the membrane switches on control panels of machines and devices. The nameplate does not contain any switching components, and serves to give a desirable appearance to the device.

Limitation of membrane switches:

  • Standard membrane switches are designated to central climat areas (climate Czech Republic)
  • Standard membrane switches are made into continental humidity (climate Czech Republic)
  • Use in other climatic conditions is necessary to specify the assignment of production (materials will be used with greater resistance)


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