Quality control systems by membrane switches manufacture

Quality is a groundwork of all activities of the TT Klavesnice. We are conscious of the fact that every member of the working team has his crucial part by reaching the requested quality.

Contentment of a customer, increasing of our flexibility, intensification of the range of services provided to our customers, ongoing quality improvement, quality by means of planning, personal management, quality related to protection of the environment - these are the main objectives of the TT Klavesnice, a.s.

A great attention we pay to the motivational system of the workers aiming observance of the quality goals.

Our relationship to the envirement

Our effort is focused in minimization of the negative influence towards environment. Environmental management is one of the highest priorities of our activities.

In front of all we put the accent on:

  • Implementation of all our activities through the environmental approach by application of the environmental management according to the ISO 14001
  • Continual improvement of the environmental management
  • Developing of the technology processes having regard to the energy consumption and effectiveness of resources
  • Recycling of the materials used in our production processes
  • Development of new products focused on reduction of material resources and energy demandingness
  • Substitution of the material substances which apply a load to the environment by use of more suitable materials out of a product characteristics degradation
  • Increasing of the environmental consciousness through education training of the employees

Among others-TT Klavesnice, a.s. is a holder of the ISO 14001:2004 certificate.

Quality system certificates

The certified quality control system we innovate with accentuation on:

  • the compatibility with the industrial markets where we operate
  • effectiveness increase of all company activities being pointed at a slender production
  • communication not only internally in the company itself but most of all between the TT Klavesnice and the customer
  • continual improvement of the reached target quality indices

Our quality system certificates:

ISO 9001:2008 (ISO 9001 since the year 1997as a part of the Tesla Jihlava and since the year 2005 as the TT Klavesnice, a.s.)

ISO 14001:2004 (ISO 14001 since the year 2003 as a part of the Tesla Jihlava and since the year 2006 as the TT Klavesnice, a.s.)

ISO 9001:2008 certificates

14001:2005 certificates


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