Offer of laser plotter cutting

Since August 2006 our offer of services is extended by the possibility of cutting your supplied materials with laser cutting plotter EuroLaser M800, 100W.

The use of laser is convenient for a huge number of applications. By use of the Eurolaser system can be cut e.g. acrylate up to 1 cm thickness, pre-printed materials cut to size, cut of textile, plastics, leather, cork, industry textiles etc… Eurolaser system is outstanding by machining of materials difficult to be held in chuck. There is no need of suction fixing, bonding or screwing on. Cutting is contactless, quick, noiseless and precise. Carved out objects can be nested.

Materials for laser cutting

Industrial textil :

  • industrial filters
  • airbags
  • textile and leather for the clothing and shoe manufacturing industry
  • textile for the automotive industry
  • and many others

Papers and cardboards

Acrylates (up to 1 cm thickness)

Plastic films and plates

Self-adhesive nameplates and membranes

Pre-printed materials

and many others

On the pre-printed materials must be printed suitable marks for cut-off!

!It is not possible to cut materials containing chlorine (e.g. PVC)!

Material dimensions for laser cutting

1300 x 800 x thickness (mm)

thickness max. 2cm - depends on the sort of material to be cut


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